A collection of odd bottles bought for wine-tastings I once planned to hold, but never got around to doing, plus a few cases bought to supplement my pension in my old age! I am based near Amersham, about 35 miles from London, England, and if any of these wines interest you please make contact by e-mail - or Mobile ... UK 07806 1971 90

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Red Bordeaux       
1-Bottle1982Ch Mouton Rothschild (owc, dp No VAT) £14,800 per dozendp
-6Bottle1989Ch La Mission Haut Brion (dp No VAT) £795 eachdp
-5Bottle1990Ch Petrus (ib, per bottle) £3,000 eachib
-1Bottle1998Ch Lafite (dp) £780 eachdp
1-Bottle2000Ch Lafleur (OWC, dp, No VAT) £14,000 per dozendp
1-Bottle2003Ch Lafite (ib, owc) £11,500 per dozenib
1-Bottle2005Ch Latour (ib, owc) £9,400 per dozenib
-6Bottle2005Ch Petrus (ib, per 6) £15,000 Per 6ib
-6Bottle2005Ch Petrus (OWC ib, per 6) £15,500 Per 6ib
1-Bottle2006Ch Lafite (dp, No VAT, owc) £7,895 per dozendp
1-Bottle2006Ch Lafite (ib, owc) £7,895 per dozenib
1-Bottle2007Ch Lafite (ib, owc) £7,850 per dozenib
1-Bottle2008Carruades de Lafite (dp, owc) £3,600 per dozenib
-6Bottle2008Carruades de Lafite (dp, owc) £3,600 Per 6ib
1-Bottle2008Ch Lafite (ib, owc) £10,900 per dozenib
-3Bottle2008Ch Le Pin (ib) £1,100 eachib
-5Half2003Ch Coutet  (halves, dp, No VAT) £15 eachdp
-5Half2003Ch La Tour Blanche (halves, dp, No VAT) £15 eachdp
-5Half2003Ch Suduiraut (halves, dp, No VAT) £20 eachdp
Red Burgundy       
-6Bottle1996Beaune - Clos des Mouches (dp, No VAT,per 6) - Drouhin £270 eachdp
-3Bottle1996Pommard Epenots (dp, No VAT) - Jadot £30 eachdp
-3Bottle2001Romanee Conti (ib) £6,350 eachib
-1Bottle2006Clos Vougeot (dp, No VAT) - Meo-Camuzet £110 eachdp
-1Bottle2006Musigny (dp, No VAT) - Roumier £1,250 eachdp
-5Bottle2007Morey St Denis, Clos Bussiere (dp, No VAT) - Roumier £50 eachdp
-6Bottle2007Richebourg (ib) - DRC £750 eachib
White Burgundy       
-1Bottle2006Batard Montrachet (dp, No VAT) - Leflaive £180 eachdp
-1Bottle2006Bienvenues Batard Montrachet (dp, No VAT) - Leflaive £160 eachdp
-6Bottle2006Puligny Montrachet - Pucelles (dp, No VAT) - Leflaive £100 eachdp
-1Bottle1983Ch de Beaucastel (dp, No VAT) £85 eachdp
1-Bottle2001Chateauneuf - Font Michelle (dp No VAT) £310 per dozendp
-3Bottle2006Chateauneuf - Cuvee E Gonnet (dp, No VAT) - Font Michel £30 eachdp
2-Bottle2007Vieux Telegraphe (dp, No VAT) £500 per dozendp
Alsace & Germany       
-1Bottle1976Hugel Tokay VT £80 eachdp
-1Bottle1971Bernkasteler Badstube Spatlese (dp, No VAT) - Deinhard £80 eachdp
Australia - Bin 707       
-1Bottle1992Bin 707 (dp, No VAT) - Penfolds £125 eachdp
-3Bottle1999Bin 707 (dp, No VAT) - Penfolds £130 eachib
1-Bottle1999Bin 707 (ib) - Penfolds £1,500 per dozenib
-1Bottle2005Bin 707 (dp, No VAT) - Penfolds £125 eachdp
2-Bottle2008Bin 707 (ib) - Penfolds £1,500 per dozenib

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